All About Secrets

by Linah Rocio

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released October 15, 2010



all rights reserved


Linah Rocio Baden, Switzerland

Linah Rocio was born in Santiago de Chile and grew up in Santiago, Hong Kong and Zürich/Baden in Switzerland, where she still resides.

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Track Name: Virginia And Me

Intro staccato

My lover – my lover is so sweet
He tells me the date of the year
Touch, hold me – come on
Hit me on the face
I can’t get out of this weird stupid state

Refrain I
I can’t think clear
Feel like I’m dissolving
In front of you dear
It’s not me it’s only..

Refrain (1x)

Shit’s taking a real hold of me
I can’t breath deep down
Feel like I’ll disappear
I can’t scream out loud
I’ll search for my mouth
I’m not hungry I just want to spit out

Refrain II
I can’t be here
Feel like I’m dissolving
In front of you dear
It’s not me it’s only..

Destruction – oh shit I’m alive
Destroying oneself ain’t a beautiful side
I can’t bare this
Oh come on knock me down
I can’t even hold the pen in my hand

Refrain III
Feel like I’m dissolving
In front of you dear
Oh Virginia..

Staccato strophe
Legato strophe
2x refrain


I want to be – feel like a seed
Floating in the breeze
All alone as it seems
Trees don’t they hold branches alone?
I want to be one – want to grow on my own

Refrain IV
Feel like I’m connecting with you dear!
Oh Virginia..
Track Name: Beautiful Rose
Beautiful Rose

I remember my stretched arms across the walls
They touched the surface of my identity gone lost
Inside the sounds of other people drinking alcohol
Letting it drip down their lips .. oh give me ..

Now it's time beautiful Rose
I won’t be afraid
I won’t be alone
Don’t want to go
Don’t want to let go
The old house is gone
The old house is gone

I know its’ time to let go
Oh and it’s hard with memories pictures
Coming forcefully in
I remember
The handshake the kiss
Our love in a bliss
The curse of your smile
The curse of the moment that was
More beautiful than I

Now it’s time beautiful Rose
I won’t be afraid
I won’t be alone
Don't wanna go
Don't wanna let go
The old house is gone
The old house is gone

Don’t you see time and space sticks to me
But I’ll move away and present time is born
I can see the light that flies by in arrows
Arrows of light
Of light

I want to make it outside this world
Is not waiting for somebody tireless
In making her point
And her lips move well
Not only kissing but wise words
Fall down the channel where I lay
Bodies slain - oh!
Don’t you figure out your death
Don’t you figure out
How to get you out of the wrong idea..

Now it’s time beautiful Rose
I won't be afraid
You won’t be alone
Don’t want to go
Don’t want to let go
The old house is gone
The old house

Surely we'll meet again
Other time other place
Answers gone lost
And our arms will evaporate
Track Name: Paris Mon Rêve
Paris Mon Rêve

Je m’en souvien bien à Paris ma ville mon rêve
Dans les rues je peux choisir
Et tu m’as dis doucement ma chère
J’en assez de cette vie, moi je ne veux plus faire cette merde
Maintenant c’est toi - c’est qui ? – tu m’as dit „..oui , bon, arrête“

Mon chérie moi je t’aime encore une fois
Tu as changé ma vie, pourquoi tu ne parles pas avec moi
Tu veux plus que la vie mais c’est pas possible ce soir
Tu veux seulement l’amour mais c’est pas tout l’amour change

Maintenant tu es à Paris – voilà ta ville et ton rêve
Tu en assez de ta vie et moi je sais pourquoi mon chère
Tu me veux comme amie, depuis que j’étais ta maitresse
Maintenant c’est moi – c’est qui? – moi je te dis „ Non, arrête“.

Track Name: Stupid Café

I’m not feeling right
Danger is gone
And I’m sitting here all alone
In a stupid café
Stupid café

I don’t like hanging round where the gossip is loud
But today I would die for anyone
Stupid café
Stupid café

Instr. 1

I’m not really scared just slightly in despair
As the whole world went down when the flames
Touched the house

Instr. 2: oh please stupid café, oh please stupid café

Send me someone who can put my lights on again
Cause I’m still in the dark waiting for someone

It’ll be alright, I’ll find a way out
And I shall wait no more for someone
To hold my hand
Track Name: All About Secrets
Do you smile when you see me
I feel ugly cause of the pretty burden

Go home make me lose it all
I can’t stand the pain that comes so hard

I scratch out my fingers old man
Brains been fucked up so my memory sucks again

I feel like I don’t deserve this
I feel so hopeless won’t you turn me down

One night your shoulder keeps coming out
I see something else behind your skin and I

Can’t hold on to your warm desire
I feel so lost and used to pieces

You try to please me with something
That doesn’t involve touching me now

I wish that I could be living
A pleased life like in my age it seems real

Now you know all about my dear secret
So you can keep your mouth shut don’t reveal yourself

I know it’s hard to believe it but
It’s true and I can’t live without your arms

I could tell you all about the thing
But it’s my pride so won’t you let me be
Track Name: Voyage Out

Why am I caught in this storm?
I thought I was happy now I don’t know

It might be the snow that constantly falls
It might be the snow that I’ll help you get off your coat

Why am I troubled is there a loss?
Is there a loss?
No coincidences varying it’s been set up

It might be that I’m scared to let go of the old
The old and familiar a habit in the worse case of all

Where has this train been coming from
I’m standing naked on it’s roof and I can feel the cold

It might be a sacrifice that I won’t recover from
I’m caught in a battle but as a warrior I was born

There’s no point in throwing away the ticket
You’re already on, you’re already on
You’ve lost the whole view from where you came from

It might be a conquest that I’ll fail alone
It might be a new beginning and I might rise above it all
Track Name: Travel My Body

The raindrops fall on my window
I want to catch their fall but the glass is too cold to touch

And the clouds they pass by
And they know that my thoughts don’t want to be
Spoken out loud.... No!
No , they don’t want to be spoken out loud

And so I stay inside my house
My plants they cry and scream cause I ain’t given them no loving, loving, loving from me

But all those waves they still come
Come in – and I have to learn to ride
Like the flow in my heart
As my love is in a fright

You’re too far away to mind
And you have a stubborn head – like mine, like mine

And so I will have to wait until you can decide what is right for you and maybe then you can travel –
Travel my body again you know

And so you can travel my body as you travel
Your soul is just to wrecked to know how to
Love loving, loving, loving
You are like me with my plants at home
They get no loving, loving
Track Name: Just The Spring

Feels like
I’m feeling alive again
And you wonder why
I got that big smile on my face
And if feels like
Being a cute thing again
And it’s just right
I don’t have to go say
It’ll all turn wrong
Cause everything has it’s season
And you can move on

Oooh maybe it’s just the spring
Oooh maybe it’s just me
Oooh maybe it’s just the spring
Oooh maybe it’s just me
Silly me entangled in
I don’t know how why

And it feels right
Feeling energized again
And I’m feeling fine
And it’s the prescence of live
That’s beautiful
Come and hold me soon
I cannot wait
Desire in me is sweeter
Than you
And it feels like staying
All day in bed
Holding the sun
Spilling over my head
And it’s just fine
To let go of what’s pulling
You down – dragging you
Makes you feel useless
And undone


Feels right.. maybe it’s just the spring

And I just want to stay in bed again
And make love
To the trees and the skies instead
And I’m grounded
Never felt before how the earth breathes
Children are upon
Children are upon


Oooh and I know that it’s the spring
Oooh and I know that it’s not just me
Oooh and I know that it’s the spring
Oooh and I know that it’s not just me
Cause I’m getting… I’m letting go, go,go
Track Name: The Horror Of Rooms

To suffer
To suffer
The horror of rooms
Rather you catch up with streets
Rather you catch up with streets
Silent but violent

I wander and sleep

I sleep in foreign beds with no past
I sleep in foreign beds with no past
Nothing familiar
The familiar wakes the horror

I wonder and sleep
I wonder and sleep

And the horror stays uninvited for days or weeks
Who knows

Time is gone
Time is lost
Do we need time at all?
To not go crazy
What is crazyness?
To be sacred
The sacredness of the moment

I wander and sleep
I wander and sleep
The storm the thunder the soothing parfum of rain
Track Name: Love Letter
LOVE LETTER lyrics: Linah Rocio

My dear beloved.
I fear love as I fear you.
Through my laughter I can hide what bothers me.
Not always.
Sometimes I laugh because I laugh.

I cried when you left.
I cried so hard.
I cried til no tears where left to cry.
And I hated love.
I felt empty and worn. Betrayed and used.
I felt abandoned and useless.
All felt useless and unworthy.

It was then, that I closed all doors to my heart.
I closed them and I laughed but I did not really laugh.

After a while, I started to feel joy again, in my heart.
I discovered music again and I wrote.
I wrote so much.
And all the while I hoped to never see you again, because seeing you meant feeling again your touch.
How I had missed that touch.
I will never forget, how we sat in perfect silence, listening to bad musicians trying to be funny.

And we said nothing and just held each other.
I shall never forget that.
It was then that I knew a part of me belonged to you forever.
And I could not say what part it was.
It wasn't my body. and it was more than my heart.
some would call it magic. others love.
I don't know how you call it.
I don't know what it was, but I could have sat there forever.

And now ,I am coming back.
Although it was you who left.
But I am coming.

And I fear love.
I fear love ,because more than love, I fear rejection.
I fear rejection and abandonement and blame and guilt… or addiction?
To not be touched.
To not be loved.
that is what i fear.

Yes, I fear to not be loved. In fact.

And to fear to not be loved belongs to love.
because love is so delicate, it dissappears if you do not care for it.
Love is like snow.
It falls only under certain conditions and it stays only for a season and then melts away.

that is what i have experienced with love.
and why with you, is it, that I want it to stay forever?
and then it's not winter, nor spring ,.. it is the moment when I touch your hands and feel your nearness and your silence.
And within this silence I can hear you, but not in words.
I hear something else, and it can only be you.
because you sound different than the rest.
and I have heard many, but you sound different.
like the palms of your hands, they feel unique and mine.
as if they belonged to me.
your head on my breasts feels like the first touch.
your lips, when they rest on my skin, they feel like the only lips I want to have on me.
everywhere. softly.
I want your gentle love.

I fear brutality and violence within this softness.
because I know it.
I have known it.

and now I fear love.
maybe I have always feared it.

but I am coming my love.
I am coming.
and i want to be gentle.
and I want your gentle touch.

please be patient with me.
I have known other than pure love.
I have known other than pure love.

let us be gentle my love.
and not fear love.

let us be us. let us be touched by silence, when we hold each others hands.